The Murdaugh Family Murders: The Complete Story of Alex Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh during the trial
Alex Murdaugh during the trial

In September 2021, South Carolina was shocked by a startling incident that made national headlines. Maggie Murdaugh, the wife of prominent attorney Alex Murdaugh, and their 22-year-old son, Paul, were discovered shot to death at their family’s hunting cabin in Colleton County. 

The investigation into Alex Murdaugh’s murders has exposed a complicated web of deceit, addiction, and despair, leaving many perplexed about how such a tragedy could have occurred. This article will examine the tragic story of the Murdaugh family killings and their influence on the community.

Alex Maggie and Paul Murdaugh
Paul, Maggie and Alex Murdaugh

Background on the Murdaugh Family

The Murdaugh family is a well-known legal family in South Carolina, having significant roots in the state’s legal profession. Alex Murdaugh was the grandson of Randolph Murdaugh III, a South Carolina House of Representatives prosecutor. His father, Randolph IV, and uncle, John, were both famous attorneys and partners in the legal firm Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick (PMPED).

Alex Murdaugh followed in his family’s footsteps and became a successful attorney in his own right. He worked at PMPED for many years before quitting to start his own practice. He was well-known in the legal field for his work in personal injury and wrongful death claims.

The Murdaugh family is a notable legal dynasty in South Carolina. They have been active in the state’s legal profession for almost a century and have been involved in various high-profile cases. In recent years, however, the family has been entangled in many issues that have garnered significant attention and condemnation. In this article, we will discuss the whole family’s history, their disputes, and the influence of these events on the family’s legacy.

The Murdaugh family has extensive roots in South Carolina, with the first family member, Randolph Murdaugh, practicing law in the early 1900s. Since then, the family has produced multiple generations of attorneys with a reputation for legal prowess and power. The family patriarch, Randolph Murdaugh III, was a prosecutor and a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. His sons, Randolph IV and John followed in his footsteps and became well-known attorneys in their own right.

Rudolph Murdaugh, candidate for solicitor of the fourteenth judicial district
Rudolph Murdaugh, candidate for solicitor of the fourteenth judicial district

Controversies Within the Family

The Murdaugh family’s legacy has suffered in recent years due to several issues that have damaged its image. Following are some of the most significant Murdaugh family controversies:

Death of Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith, a teenager, and a high school friend of Alex Murdaugh’s oldest son, Buster, was discovered dead from blunt force trauma on a Hampton County Road in 2015. Witnesses interviewed during the original investigation repeatedly linked Buster to a relationship with Stephen, but no suspects were arrested.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division reopened the investigation into Stephen’s Death in June 2021 based on evidence discovered while investigating the deaths of Alex Murdaugh’s wife and child, who died in June 2021, for which Alex is charged with murder. As of January 2023, no charges or indictments had been filed concerning Stephen’s murder.

House Keepers Death

Gloria Satterfield, the Murdaugh’s’ longtime housekeeper, died on February 26, 2018, of complications, including a stroke, after falling down the front steps at the family’s Moselle estate on February 2, 2018. Her Death was recorded as a “trip and fall” accident. Still, no coroner was called, no autopsy was performed, and the death certificate stated incorrectly that she died of “natural causes.”

Satterfield’s two sons were given an insurance payment but have yet to receive it. Alex Murdaugh, Chad Westendorf, and attorney Cory Fleming were charged with stealing the Satterfields’ $4.3 million insurance policy settlement. Murdaugh’s law firm PMPED and Palmetto State Bank were all participating in the scheme. The Satterfield sons finally recovered more than $6.5 million through subsequent lawsuits.

On September 15, 2021, officials announced the launch of a criminal investigation into Satterfield’s Death in 2018. Authorities gained permission to exhume Satterfield’s body in June 2022 to continue the inquiry into her Death.

Boat Crash

In 2019, Paul Murdaugh, the 22-year-old son of Randolph IV, was engaged in a catastrophic boat collision that killed a young woman named Mallory Beach. Paul was reportedly driving the boat while high on narcotics and alcohol. Despite the evidence against him, Paul was not charged with any crime. This episode caused a public outcry and prompted concerns about the family’s power and privilege in South Carolina’s court system.

Mallory Beach’s family filed a wrongful death case against Paul, his father Alex Murdaugh, and their legal business, PMPED. According to the lawsuit, the firm offered alcohol to Paul and his associates multiple times, including the night of the boat crash. The lawsuit is ongoing, and the Murdaugh family has denied involvement.

Missing Funds

In September 2021, it was disclosed that PMPED had launched a lawsuit against one of its former workers, accusing her of embezzling over $1 million from the business over several years. The complaint claimed that the employee sent checks to herself and manipulated the firm’s books to conceal her fraud.

The case has raised doubts about the Murdaugh family’s control of their law firm’s finances. The family has indicated that they were ignorant of the stolen money and that they are assisting law officials in their investigation. But, opponents have pointed out that the Murdaugh’s have a history of leveraging their position to dodge accountability, and this event has just added to their reputation for unscrupulous dealings.

Scene of the Crime
Scene of the Crime

The Murders of Alex Murdaugh’s Family

Alex Murdaugh contacted 911 on June 7, 2021, to report that he had discovered his wife and son shot to death at their hunting lodge. The inquiry after their deaths uncovered a stunning fact: Alex had reportedly planned their murders to collect a $10 million life insurance policy.

According to authorities, Alex had paid a former customer, Curtis Edward Smith, to murder him in a staged roadside shooting so his surviving son could collect the insurance money. However, when Smith arrived to carry out the plot, Alex allegedly changed his mind and ordered him to murder Maggie and Paul instead. Smith has now been charged with murder, insurance fraud conspiracy, and other offenses.

The Murdaugh family and the community have suffered dramatically due to the killings. Alex Murdaugh has been charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy to conduct insurance fraud, and submitting a fake police report concerning the deaths. He has also been accused of stealing money from his old legal practice, PMPED, and abusing drugs and alcohol to deal with personal and professional issues.

The Trial

Jury Selection

On May 2, 2022, the jury selection procedure for the trial began. Prospective jurors were questioned about their understanding of the case and their capacity to be fair and unbiased. The judge in the case, Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman, has stated that he expects the jury selection process to take several days.

The trial began on January 25, 2023, at the Colleton County Courthouse in South Carolina, with the judge’s directions and opening remarks from the prosecution and defense.

Richard Harpootlian and Jim Griffin represent Alex Murdaugh. Newman, the nephew of late civil rights pioneer Isaiah DeQuincey Newman, handles the cases. Creighton Waters, the top prosecutor for the state grand jury, is leading the prosecution team against Murdaugh.

As part of the prosecution team, the South Carolina Attorney General employed John Meadors, a Columbia attorney with vast expertise in murder trials. There were likely hundreds of witnesses for both the defense and prosecution.

The judge overruled the defense counsel’s objections and announced he would formally rule on the matter on Thursday, February 2, 2023, for the prosecution to present two witnesses who testified about Murdaugh’s financial crimes in an in-camera hearing. 

Alex and Maggie Murdaugh
Maggie and Alex Murdaugh

The court stated that he needed to hear more testimony before deciding whether these witnesses would be permitted to testify before the jury.

On February 7, following several days of hearing arguments without the jury, Judge Newman decided that the testimony relating to Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes was admissible, saying that jurors were entitled to evaluate whether Murdaugh’s financial predicament was a motive for the killings. 

Newman also stated that when defense counsel wanted a witness to speak about a possible motive for Murdaugh committing the killings, this inquiry opened the door to the testimony highlighting the alleged financial crimes. 

On February 13, Judge Newman reported that two jurors had been discharged and replaced with different jurors since they had tested positive for COVID-19.

On February 24, Murdaugh was charged with distributing contraband in the courtroom. The jury will visit the location where the killings occurred in the future at the defense’s request. Closing arguments began in March.

Few Testimonies

Maggie’s Close Friend

One of the first witnesses to testify was Maggie’s close friend, who described a frightening chat she had with Alex in the weeks leading up to the killings. The friend testified that Alex had phoned her and told her he was “in a terrible place” and considered suicide. He allegedly indicated that he had suffered from substances and “lost everything.”

The friend said she was so concerned about Alex’s mental health that she phoned a nearby treatment clinic and requested they contact him. She allegedly urged Maggie to take the children and leave Alex, but Maggie refused since she couldn’t desert her husband in his time of need.

Former Employee

Another witness, a former employee of Alex’s legal company, PMPED, testified about Alex’s financial difficulties in the months preceding the killings. The employee alleged that Alex had been misappropriating cash from the legal company and that he had been using the money to feed his illegal substance addiction and pay off his obligations.

The employee also testified that Alex Murdaugh had been engaged in unethical activity, such as invoicing customers for work that had not been accomplished and using his position at the legal company to exert pressure on others to do his bidding. According to the employee, he reported Alex’s actions to the South Carolina Bar Association, but no action was taken.

911 Calls and First Responders’ Testimony

During the trial, the jurors also heard 911 calls made on the night of the killings. In one conversation, Alex can be heard desperately screaming for help, stating that his wife and son had been shot and that he didn’t know who had done it.

During a subsequent call, Alex’s behavior became more suspicious as he inquired if the ambulance and police were coming, exclaiming, “Oh my God, my wife and child, they’re dead.” Many have speculated that this indicates Alex’s involvement in the murders and his attempt to cover his tracks.

The prosecution’s early witnesses were first responders who arrived on the site soon after Murdaugh dialed 911. Furthermore, the prosecution demanded that a representative from Snapchat testify on a video made by Paul Murdaugh just moments before his unfortunate death.

Alex Murdaugh’s Testimony

Alex Murdaugh admits to lying to investigators and committing financial crimes due to his opioid addiction. He refused to accept any involvement in the murders of his wife and son, though. The prosecution cross-examined Murdaugh the same day he completed his evidence, and Judge Newman dismissed the jury immediately.

The prosecution cross-examined Murdaugh the same day he completed his evidence, and Judge Newman dismissed the jury immediately.

The defense team planned to wrap up their arguments in the sixth week of the trial and summoned a pathologist who claimed the state’s pathologist misidentified Paul’s body’s entrance and exit wounds. 

They also brought blood spatter expert Tim Palmbach, who testified that the evidence pointed to the existence of two shooters and that a shooter would have been smeared in blood and gunshot residue.

The defendant’s brother, John Marvin Murdaugh, testified as the defense’s final witness. The defense rested their case on February 27 and moved for a directed verdict, which Judge Newman declined.

The defense rested their case on February 27 and moved for a directed verdict, which Judge Newman declined.

Richard ,Paul ,Alex and Maggie holidaying
Richard ,Paul ,Alex and Maggie holidaying

Accusations Regarding the Investigation

There have been accusations leveled against the investigation into the death of Alex Murdaugh, with some critics claiming that there may have been conflicts of interest or improprieties.

Some have criticized the law enforcement authorities engaged in the case, claiming they were too close to the Murdaugh family or that conflicts of interest skewed the investigation. The Murdaugh family has historically had links to the legal world in South Carolina, with several members serving as solicitors. 

Others have expressed concern that this may have affected how the case and inquiry were handled.

The involvement of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), which has been engaged in the inquiry, has also been called into question. Others have criticized SLED for not being honest about the contents of the investigation or for keeping information from the public. There have also been concerns that SLED may have mistreated evidence or failed to follow correct protocols in the inquiry.

In addition to these allegations, there has been criticism of the media’s coverage of the case. Some claim that the media sensationalizes the subject or unfairly portrays specific persons involved.

Impact on the Community and the Public Reaction

The Murdaugh family murders have significantly impacted the South Carolina community. The case has garnered national attention and prompted concerns about the legal profession, addiction, and mental health.

The Murdaughs were once a respected and influential family in the state’s legal profession, but the tragedy has tainted their reputation. In addition, the investigation into the killings has unearthed a web of lies and deception that has shocked the community and left many people wondering how such a tragedy could have occurred.

The case has also cast light on the subject of addiction and mental health in the legal profession. Alex Murdaugh’s troubles with drugs and alcohol have been well known, and many have blamed his dependence on the high-stress, high-pressure nature of the legal profession.

The Alex Murdaugh murder case has generated widespread interest in South Carolina and abroad. The case has been heavily covered by local and national media outlets, with many people attentively following the events and specifics of the case.

The general public has expressed various opinions and reactions to the case. Others have conveyed their condolences to the Murdaugh family, who have lost two family members in a heartbreaking accident. Some have questioned the family’s history and their involvement in other incidents, such as the 2019 boat crash that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach.

Others have questioned law enforcement’s handling of the investigation and expressed concerns about potential conflicts of interest. For example, the Murdaugh family has long had links to the South Carolina legal community, with three generations of Murdaughs serving as solicitors in the state. Others have questioned if this affected how the crime and inquiry were handled.

Overall, the public attitude to the case has been divided, with many people still attempting to make sense of the tragedy and the 

circumstances that led up to it. However, those following the case will continue to monitor and discuss the trial and its conclusion.


The Alex Murdaugh murder case has sparked considerable interest and produced several concerns and complaints concerning the case’s investigation, law enforcement, and media coverage.

However, while the study is underway, remember that most of the material and claims surrounding the case are based on hearsay and supposition. Therefore, it is crucial to wait for the facts to emerge and for the investigation to run its course before making any definitive conclusions.

Regardless of the outcome of the Murdaugh investigation, the case highlights the importance of maintaining transparency, impartiality, and thoroughness in criminal investigations.