25 Funny Things Animals Do When They See Something For The First Time

25 Funny Things Animals Do When They See Something For The First Time

When something new and different happens to an animal, it gets excited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bath, a day trip, or playing in the snow for the first time—these new things make people laugh and smile. Their expressive looks can sometimes show how they feel better than people can.

We have put together a list of 25 cute animals that react to new things in the cutest ways. You are sure to laugh and feel better after seeing these funny and touching moments. Scroll down to see the priceless responses of these cute animals!

1. When “Kiwi” is enjoying the outside World

2. “Mimi tried a lime for the face time and look at his sour face”

3. “Oh Lord, where the hell am I ?”

4. “The first time sisters meet after being separated and adopted”

5. “I took them outside today, three weeks later, because I was working on rehab, and this is what they did.”

6. “He saw me in the bathtub for the first time and was a little scared. He thought about calling him back up.”

7. “Oh no, he doesn’t like the winter at all”

8. “Snow is more successful than I thought.”

9. “He always likes to stay at the fridge, but he couldn’t make it in his entire life, and this is his first time”

10. “When my 7-week old puppy see his face for the first time.”

11. “She is surprised with her first gift on Christmas.”

12. “Aww! The little guy is in his first bath”

13. “I spilled my cat’s milk and didn’t have any other milk to give it.” He sat across from me at dinner and looked at me like this.

14. “His Cadet life and it is his first day”

15. “When he is confused with the new climate”

15. “When he is confused with the new climate”

16. “He likes and Addicted to Peanut butter”

17.“I make known to my cat to my newborn daughter.”

18. “He is always Happy kiddo”

19. “OMG He hates rain”

20. “My lab brat encountered the vacuum for the first time.”

21. “Ceiling fan move for the first time and their reaction”

22. “It must be very cold, let us taste and see”

23. “First time with Snow”

24. “It is Florida and his first time in the beach”

25. “My new niece and my sister’s pooch seeing for the first time.”