Flatwoods Monster – Alien From West Virginia

flatwoods monster
flatwoods monster

The Flatwoods monster is a legendary entity that was spotted on September 12th, 1952, in the community of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States.

The incident made local and national headlines, frightening a wider audience. Then it sparked a U.S. Air Force UFO investigation as part of Project Blue Book, which dispatched a small team of investigators across the country to check into such reports.

On the night of September 12th, a meteor was seen in three states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Three flashing red aviation lights were also visible from the vicinity of the sightings, which could explain accounts of pulsating red light and a red tint on the claimed monster’s face.

In 2018 Seth Breedlove made a documentary about the incident named the Flatwoods monster: Legacy of Fear.

flatwoods monster eyewitness
Flatwoods Monster eyewitnesses – Credits News Paper Archive

The First Sighting of the Flatwoods Monster

On September 12th, 1952, at 7:15 p.m., two brothers, Edward and Fred May, and their friend Tommy Hyer, reported seeing a bright object cross the sky and settle on the property of local farmer G. Bailey Fisher.

Ed and Freddie May played with their 10-year-old buddy Tommy Hyer in their schoolyard. When the three kids saw a pulsing red light fly across the sky and fall on a nearby farm, they dashed to get the Mays boys’ mother, then high-tailed it up the hill to see where the light had landed.

The boys went to Kathleen May’s house and told her their story. May traveled to the Fisher property with the three boys, local children Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver, and West Virginia National Guardsman Eugene Lemon in an attempt to find whatever the boys had claimed to have seen.

The group arrived at the top of a hill when Nunley reported seeing a flashing red light. Lemon stated that he pointed a flashlight in that way and saw a tall “man-like figure with a round, red face enclosed by a pointed, hood-like appearance” for a brief instant.

According to tradition, the monster was roughly 10 to 12 feet tall, with a head shaped like the card of spades. It was blazing orange and green. However, some say that the color of the grass and ship reflected off the alien’s metal outfit.

flatwoods news paper article
Flatwoods Monster news paper Article – Credits Charleton Gazzette | Flatwoods Monster Museum

The Second Sighting of the Flatwoods Monster

Another strange sighting occurred in Strange Creek, some twenty miles south of Flatwoods, the day after the September 12th occurrence. According to reports, George and Edith Snitowsky and their 18-month-old son drove on Route 4 through the rural area between Clay and Braxton counties when their car abruptly reached a standstill.

Mr. Snitowsky tried unsuccessfully to restart the automobile. It was late at night, and the road was deserted. While the Snitowskys were contemplating their options, a horrible, sulfurous odor permeated the air, and their baby began to cry.

The pair noticed a 10-12-foot-tall creature hovering in front of their automobile after a strange bright light filled the darkness.

flatwoods monster
News Paper Cutting -Picture taken at Flatwoods Monster museum

The Flatwoods Monster’s Description

The creature is believed to be ten to twelve feet tall, with a spade-shaped head and what looked to be dark, metal attire. The creature’s hands were twisted and clawed, and its eyes appeared to be an unsettling orange color.

It appeared to be floating above the ground. A strange, sickening mist hung in the air when it was a round. The creature hissed and slid quickly toward the eyewitnesses.

First sketch of flatwoods monster
First sketch of flatwoods monster – Credits Flatwoods Monster Museum


Even though the monster has not been seen since the initial episodes in 1952, its impact on the rural community has been enormous. These stories have become an eerie folktale, spawning a peculiar culture in the county’s little communities.





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