Ohio Grassman The Big Foot of Ohio

The Ohio Grassman is thought to be a creature that looks much like Bigfoot. Some believe it is a subspecies of a larger Bigfoot species, while others believe it is Ohio’s sole Bigfoot creature.

There have been numerous tales of its appearance, with many describing it as five to ten feet tall, weighing around 300 pounds, with a strong odor, long black-brown hair, and blazing orange eyes.

Ohio Grassman stature
Ohio Grassman statue – Credits Alexander Migl

The First Sighting of The Ohio Grassman

When the grandchildren of Minerva residents Evelyn and Howe Clayton and their friends raced inside screaming about a hairy creature, they spotted outside in the gravel pit in August of 1978. When the couple went out to check, they discovered what the weeping children had mentioned.

It was coated in thick matted hair and sat in the pit, toying with debris. It was estimated that it weighed roughly 300 pounds. The Claytons ran, but their meeting with Ohio’s Grassman would not be their last.

Nonetheless, 1978 was not the first time such creatures were reported in Ohio. In the 1700s, Indians from the Ohio grasslands told about a race of bipedal ape men known as the “Wild Ones of the Woods” who resided nearby. 

The Native Americans would leave food out for the creatures to maintain harmony.

Sightings of a similar hairy creature were made near the Ohio River during a famous folk fair in Ohio in the late 1800s. This creature appeared to have attempted to throw a man out of his carriage but fled when his daughter, who was riding as a passenger, threw several stones at it.

Big foot statue – Credits Kathy Zinn

What Happened Next

The Clayton family saw  “Orange Eyes,”  several times after. Orange eyes is the nickname given to the Grassman. If the stories are to be accurate, they were to have several experiences with it. It would basically follow them about their house, peering in through their kitchen window and from neighboring hills.

At this point, police were also involved in the inquiry, and many people did not believe it was a hoax after watching many of the incidents.

Most intriguingly, witnesses claimed to have seen many Ohio Grassman of varied sizes simultaneously, implying that there was more than a single “Grassman” and that they may be classified as a social species.

statute of a big foot
Big foot

The Ohio Grassman’s Physical Appearance

The Ohio Grassman resembled a bigfoot animal, and many believe it is one (or more) of the few surviving bigfoots in Ohio. The Claytons described it as having orange eyes and being around 7 feet tall. This creature is thought to have weighed more than 300 pounds.

Grassman is blackish brown in hue, with long arms, a pointed and muscular head, no neck, broad shoulders, and black, gray, or brown hair that covers all of its body except the palms of its hands.

It used to yell and roar.

The Film Documentary

For the first time, the family spoke about their experiences on camera for the documentary Minerva Monster in 2014.

Seth Breedlove wrote and directed the documentary.