Boo Hag the Vampire Witch

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Boo Hag is a vampiric entity. Instead of drinking blood, the Boo Hag rides the victim, stealing their breath or energy while they sleep. The appearance of the Boo Hag differs significantly from that of the traditional Night Hag. Before going for a ride, a Boo Hag removes and conceals her skin. This intensifies the fear of her appearance.

Boo Hag witch typically enter their victims through open windows, but they can miraculously enter even the smallest crevice or hole. She then rides the sleeping victim all night, sucking their breath.

This renders the victim helpless (sleep paralysis) and causes them to have vivid and disturbing visions (how the term Nightmare came to describe our bad dreams). Boo Hags usually leave their victims alive to use their energy again and again.

Boo Hag may steal their skin and abandon them to suffer if the victim struggles. The Boo Hag flies away. Their hunger is usually satisfied by the approaching dawn. Hag has no choice; Hag must be wearing her skin by sunrise or be forever trapped without skin.

Boo Hag - Credits fredrik Andreasson
Boo Hag – Credits fredrik Andreasson

Who is a Boo Hag and How do They Attack?

A person has both a soul and a spirit in Gullah culture. When someone dies, their soul departs, but their spirit lives on. If they were good people in life, their spirit would guide and protect the friends and families which they left behind. If they were evil in life, their spirit would transform into a terrifying entity known as a Boo Hag.

The Boo Hag appears human during the day because it cloaks itself in the skin of its previous unlucky victim. It escapes the skin at night and searches for its next victim. It can enter your home through any crack in a window or aperture in a wall. It finds you sleeping in your bed and crawls on top of you once inside.

The Boo Hag is sitting on your chest, sucking all of the air from your lungs. But that’s only half the problem. After sucking the life out of your lungs, the Boo Hag is said to slip into your skin and use your skin as a muse all night, leaving in the early morning. If a Boo Hag visits you in your sleep, you’ll be exhausted when you wake up, but you won’t remember being awake.

The hag usually leaves the victim alive to use their energy again. If the victim resists, the hag may take their skin, leaving the victim to suffer.

Boo Hags are so bizarre that they spend their time looking for skin to hide behind. Once disguised, the Boo Hag can go in search of more victims to ride.

This riding saps the victim’s energy and life, causing them to awaken tired and ragged.

How Does a Boo Hag Look Like? 

A Boo Hag is a nighttime creature, a skinless monster with red muscles, prominent blue veins, and owl-like eyes that reflect light. It is sometimes depicted with flowing white hair, similar to the hair that “grows” on corpses, which led many older generations to believe vampires came from the dead to feed.

Appearance of a Boo Hag
Appearance of the Boo Hag – Credits North Carolina State Library

How Can You Chase Away a Boo Hag?

They are obsessed with numerics. If you put a broom, a hairbrush, or even a kitchen colander next to your bed, they will be unable to concentrate on anything else until they have counted each straw in the brush or the broom or hole in the colander.

Colors can be used to ward off a Boo Hag. One famous color is indigo blue. This color should be painted above windows to keep the Boo Hag out of your bedroom. Another color is grape violet; if you use this color on your doors and windows, Boo Hag won’t be able to enter your house.


These dark spirits are said to creep into houses at night, slithering through exterior cracks and holes, and sit on the sleeping victims’ chests, sucking their breath out of their bodies. They frequently return to the same body to drain their energy. If you wake up tired and out of breath in the morning, it could be because a Boo Hag visited you at night.


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