Die Glocke, the Top-Secret Nazi Weapon

What happened to Die Glocke the most powerful Nazi weapon project? Throughout WWII, the Nazi authority was recognized for its research and development of advanced technologies, including rocketry and jet engines.

There are, however, rumors and suspicions of a top-secret project known as Die Glocke, or “The Bell,” which was purportedly a secret Nazi weapon capable of altering the direction of the war.

In this article, we will explore the origins of Die Glocke, its alleged powers, and the controversy surrounding it.

Origins of Die Glocke

Nazi scientists and engineers were believed to have created this during the last years of World War Two. SS General Hans Kammler, who was in command of many secret weapons programs for the Third Reich, was allegedly in charge of the project.

SS General Hans Kammler
SS General Hans Kammler

According to some sources, Die Glocke was inspired by the works of science fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote of a strange device called the “Shining Trapezohedron.”

Igor Witkowski, a journalist, and author from Poland, has written extensively on Nazi secret weapons programs, notably Die Glocke.

According to Witkowski, Die Glocke was a highly sophisticated technology developed by the Nazis in a secret underground laboratory in the Wenceslaus mine in Poland’s Owl Mountains. SS General Hans Kammler, in charge of many secret weapons projects for the Third Reich, oversaw the project.

Witkowski claims to have communicated with former Nazi scientists who were involved in the project and ready to share knowledge with him. According to these reports, “Die Glocke” was described as a bell-shaped device measuring around 3 meters in height and 2 meters in circumference.

It was an anti-gravity gadget powered by a material known as “Xerum 525”. According to history, Xerum 525 was a metallic liquid that could generate a powerful electromagnetic field when exposed to high voltages. This electromagnetic field is said to be capable of combatting the Earth’s gravitational pull and producing an anti-gravity effect.

Witkowski further claims that this gadget could release lethal radiation and was responsible for the deaths of several scientists who worked on it. He speculates that the Nazis may have been attempting to develop a weapon capable of causing widespread destruction by emitting fatal radiation.

On the other hand, Witkowski’s statements have triggered debate and criticism. Other experts have challenged his lack of verifiable proof and dependence on untrustworthy sources, including former Nazi scientists who may have been providing false information to preserve their own lives.

Igor Witkowski
Igor Witkowski Credits -Artur

Alleged Capabilities of Die Glocke

The exact purpose and capabilities of Die Glocke are still shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to have been a highly advanced technology that was way ahead of its time. Here are some of the alleged capabilities of this machine.

Anti-gravity technology: Anti-gravity technology is a theoretical technology that would allow things to overcome gravity without the use of propulsion or lift. This technology has been the subject of study and debate for many years, and some academics think that the Nazis were among the first to experiment with it.

According to rumors and speculation, Die Glocke, the rumored top-secret Nazi weapon, is said to have been powered by anti-gravity technology. According to some sources, the device was meant to produce a gravitational field capable of propulsion or levitation.

According to one theory, the gadget was powered by Xerum 525, an unknown chemical capable of producing a tremendous gravitational field. This field may be adjusted to provide lift or propulsion, allowing the device to travel at high speeds and move with great agility.

There are also reports that the Nazis constructed flying saucer-like aircraft powered by anti-gravity technology, and that this machine was supposed to be employed as a propulsion system for these planes. Some scholars believe the Nazis wanted to use these aircraft to launch a surprise attack on Allied forces, allowing them to move at incredible speeds and evade enemy defenses.

Nazi ufo type flight design
Nazi ufo type flight design

Time travel: According to some sources, Die Glocke produced a strong electromagnetic field capable of distorting space-time and causing time dilation. The concept of time dilation is well-established in physics, and it is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity, which claims that gravity and motion may impact time. This does not, however, mean that time travel is possible.

The concept of time travel has long captivated science fiction writers and fans. Nonetheless, in science, time travel is still mainly considered fiction. Moreover, while specific theoretical models for time travel, such as wormholes and black holes, have been suggested, no scientific evidence supports these theories.

The claims of time travel capabilities of this equipment are often associated with Nazi interest in the paranormal and the occult. The Nazis were believed to have researched various unorthodox technologies, including anti-gravity, teleportation, and time travel. It has also been suggested that the Nazis may have communicated with extraterrestrial beings with advanced technologies such as time travel.

Weaponization: According to one idea, Die Glocke was designed to be an energy weapon capable of delivering a solid, focused radiation beam to destroy enemy aircraft or entire towns. According to this version, the device was powered by a combination of radioactive isotopes and could emit a beam of lethal radiation over many kilometers.

Another idea holds that this was planned as a propulsion system for sophisticated aircraft capable of extraordinary speeds and maneuverability well beyond what conventional technology could produce. This notion is bolstered by stories of Nazi experimentation with flying saucer-like aircraft powered by anti-gravity technology.

Some experts believe this technology was used to construct a force field around Nazi sites or military locations to defend them from enemy attacks. This theory is based on reports of strange, glowing objects in the sky over Nazi military sites, which were thought to be part of a protective barrier formed by the device.

Uncompleted German rocket project - A9 and A10
Noncompleted German rocket project – A9 and A10

Controversies and Conspiracy Theories

Lack of evidence: Notwithstanding rumors and suspicions, there is no tangible proof to support the existence of this machine. The majority of the material regarding the project comes from untrustworthy sources, such as conspiracy theorists and former Nazi scientists who may have been supplying false information to save their own lives.

Exaggerated claims: According to some specialists, the alleged capabilities of this are exaggerated or perhaps faked. They argue that the Nazi dictatorship was not technologically advanced enough to build such advanced technology, particularly in the last years of the war when they were fighting to keep their forces supplied, and They argue that the Nazi dictatorship was not technologically advanced enough to build such advanced technology, particularly in the last years of the war when they were fighting to keep their forces supplied and

Alien Technology: Some conspiracy theorists claim that Die Glocke was based on alien technology that the Nazis may have obtained through covert connections with extraterrestrial entities.

Views Expressed by Others 

Nicholas Cook- Nick Cook is a British journalist who has written extensively about Nazi secret weapons programs. In his book “The Hunt for Zero Point,” Cook claims to have discovered evidence of Nazi-developed anti-gravity technology, notably Die Glocke. He speculates that the project was part of a more significant attempt by the Third Reich to develop superior weaponry that may help them win the war.

Joseph Farrell – Joseph Farrell is an American author and researcher who has authored multiple books about Nazi secret weapons programs. In his book “Reich of the Black Sun,” Farrell claims that the Nazis were working on a secret project called “Project Lanternbearer” to create anti-gravity technology. He speculates that Die Glocke was part of this project, and its capabilities were far more advanced than previously recognized.

Jim Marrs- Jim Marrs was an American journalist and author who wrote extensively on conspiracy theories and the paranormal. Marrs believes in his book “The Rice of the Fourth Reich” that the Nazis could build advanced technologies, such as anti-gravity devices, with the assistance of extraterrestrial aliens. He speculates that Die Glocke was one of these technologies and that it was part of a bigger attempt by the Nazis to build a “Fourth Reich” that would rule the world.

The “Sturer Emil” an experimental German War machine
The “Sturer Emil” an experimental German War machine

The Scientists Involved in This Project

It is unclear who specifically would have been involved, as much of the information surrounding it is still shrouded in mystery. Some theories suggest that German scientists such as Kurt Debus, Wernher von Braun, and Walter Gerlach may have been involved, but this is purely speculative.


Die Glocke is a highly debated topic that has captivated the imaginations of many conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans. Yet, the lack of concrete evidence and the project’s overstated claims make it impossible to separate reality from fantasy.

While it is possible that the Nazi administration was working on advanced technologies, including secret weapons programs, the reported abilities of Die Glocke remain highly speculative and unproven.

Yet, the tale of Die Glocke continues to fascinate many people, and the mysteries surrounding its alleged capabilities will undoubtedly continue to generate discussion and debate for many years to come.