The Alien Abduction of Travis Walton

The Travis Walton UFO incident involved the reported alien abduction of American forestry employee Travis Walton by a UFO on November 5, 1975, when he was employed in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests near Snowflake, Arizona. Walton had been missing for five days.

Officers initially assumed the UFO narrative was a crazy cover-up for Walton’s alleged murder when his crew colleagues reported his abduction to local law enforcement.

Travis Walton
Travis Walton

What Happened on That Day?

Walton was a member of a logging crew on November 5, 1975. Other members operating in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber include Mike Rogers, John Goulette, Allen Dalis, Dwayne Smith, and Kenneth Peterson. 

They all noticed a brilliant light off to their right as they departed that night. As they approached, they noticed a brilliant saucer-shaped UFO hovering about 20 feet above a clearing, emitting a high-pitched buzz.

Travis Walton was the only one that got out of the truck to look into the situation.

A beam of light appeared from the craft, knocking him unconscious. The other six men were reportedly terrified and fled. Mike Rogers and his logging team run back, reporting that a UFO had abducted Travis; they fled, turned around, and discovered no trace of Travis.

Mike Rogers and his logging team run back, reporting that a UFO had zapped Travis; they fled, turned around, and discovered no trace of Travis.

Walton claimed he awoke in a hospital-like setting, being watched by three short, hairless aliens.

He claimed he fought them until a human wearing a helmet brought Travis Walton to another room, where he blacked out while three other humans placed a clear plastic mask over his face. After that, Walton claims he remembers nothing until five days later when he found himself walking down a highway with the flying saucer departing over him.

Animated Illustration of the abduction of travis walton
Animated Illustration of the abduction of Travis Walton

The Authenticity of the Story and The Polygraph Test

Although Walton passed a polygraph test provided by a UFO organization, it was reported that Walton specified what questions would be posed to the examiner. 

Further inquiry revealed that Walton had previously unreleased polygraph tests completed by Jack McCarthy, one of Arizona’s best polygraph examiners. According to Jack, Walton was observed using polygraph countermeasures, such as holding his breath.

Thirty years after the book’s publication, Walton appeared on the Fox game program The Moment of Truth and was questioned if a UFO kidnaped him on November 5, 1975; he replied, “Yes,” an answer that the program’s polygraph machine found false.

Many individuals believe that this story is fake, and that Walton’s story was a myth created for financial advantage. In addition, many people have noticed several discrepancies in Walton’s and his coworkers’ testimonies.

Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction

Movies and Literature Published Based on Travis Walton Event

Walton published The Walton Experience, a novel about his alleged abduction, in 1978.

In 1979, a book titled “Fire in the Sky” was written on the occurrence.

This incident was the inspiration for the 1993 film Fire in the Sky.

Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton, a documentary, was released in 2015.


Travis Walton’s alien abduction is one of the most widely discussed and well-known abduction cases in the United States. Walton’s narrative has a large fan base, and many believe what he stated was real.